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I really don't enjoy shopping with my kids normally. They get really tired and crabby so easily and beg me to buy every item in the store. Then they start fighting and I lose my patience. Sometimes I just can't avoid it though, like during the school holidays when I still need to buy things. Over time, I have developed some techniques to help me deal with shopping with kids, including making sure that they have eaten a big snack before we go in, keeping the trips short and shopping online whenever I can. This blog is all about shopping with kids.

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Say It With Feng Shui: Position Yourself For The Perfect First Date

There is a lot of pressure on a first date. One survey shows that, on average, you have an hour or less to make a good impression. Even though you take care with clothes, venue and gifts, do your first dates go awry? The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui can ensure a perfect first date.

Rooms in your home, especially the bedroom, must be organised correctly to encourage romance. Auspicious colours, days and gifts can also greatly improve your chances of a second date.

Romancing Your Home

Feng Shui principles dictate that interactions with your environment will affect interactions with people. Here are ways to arrange your bedroom so that you take romantic energy from your home into the outside world.

  • Remove all clutter and create space so that, symbolically, you make room for someone else.
  • Get rid of a bed that was used during a previous relationship, or the negative energy will keep you from finding new love.
  • Do not place your bed in a corner, as this signals that another person is unwelcome to share your life.
  • Remove pictures which depict lonely or single people. Replace with pictures which reflect how you feel when you are in love.
  • Put touches of red around your bedroom as the fire element encourages romance.
  • Everything should be in pairs; for example, two bedside tables, two lamps and two pillows.

Wardrobe Makeover

There are five elements in Feng Shui, based on your birthday. Check below to see which colours complement your element and wear them on your date. In particular, stones in one of your element colours can strengthen your qi, or spirit.

If your element is wood, you should incorporate something green into your outfit. Red is a strong colour if you are the fire or earth element. Silver and gold jewellery is a powerful choice for the metal element. Blue tones can provide a firm anchor if your element is water.

Numbers Game

When selecting a day and time for your date, it is best to shun the number four. "Four" and "death" sound the same in Chinese. Review your restaurant address, table number or ticket numbers to ensure that four is avoided.

The number eight is considered to be extremely fortunate. This number sounds like "prosperity", so a date on the eighth at eight o'clock should bring you riches in the romance stakes.

Flower Power

A gentleman will always present his date with a small gift. Flowers are highly appropriate, but you should still follow Feng Shui rules. 

  • Your gift is an outward sign of your inner thoughts, so order a fresh, meticulously-arranged bouquet.
  • Avoid odd numbers. Even numbers (except four) are lucky because they can be placed in pairs.
  • A decorative bamboo plant with two stalks can be a simple, meaningful gift as bamboo represents wealth. This can refer to wealth in relationships as well as monetary wealth.
  • Pink peonies are strongly connected to romance in Feng Shui, whereas red roses and tulips are better for later dates as they are considered too passionate for a young relationship. For more information on flowers, contact a business such as Erindale Florist.
  •  If in doubt, a bouquet in rainbow colours reflects balance and is therefore a good choice.
  • Never give white, dried or fake flowers, as these suggest death. Your relationship could die before it begins.

The dating game is arduous, but careful planning should assure a second date. Don't leave romance to chance, position yourself for dating success with a little Feng Shui.