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I really don't enjoy shopping with my kids normally. They get really tired and crabby so easily and beg me to buy every item in the store. Then they start fighting and I lose my patience. Sometimes I just can't avoid it though, like during the school holidays when I still need to buy things. Over time, I have developed some techniques to help me deal with shopping with kids, including making sure that they have eaten a big snack before we go in, keeping the trips short and shopping online whenever I can. This blog is all about shopping with kids.

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4 Ways Point of Sale Systems Can Prevent Employee Theft

One of the biggest problems that managers in retail environments have is the possibility of employee theft. The staff that are hired to work in retail are often quite young, without too many responsibilities or a huge amount of money put aside, and this can often lead to petty theft. It used to be hard to prevent this from happening and even harder to identify the exact person or persons responsible.

However, you can now go a long way towards detecting and preventing employee theft by using point of sale systems. Here are just a few ways they can help you out.

1. Tracks Each Item

With a point of sale system, every item sold will be tracked. You can then quickly and easily compare the outgoing products with what is mentioned in the current inventory report. If a certain item is missing from the inventory and yet to be accounted for by any point of sale system, it has likely been stolen. Staff will know that this makes it harder to steal items and get away with it.

2. Integrates with Video Security

One of the best ways to take advantage of a point of sale system is by integrating it with your video security. It's often impossible to accurately identify the employee who has been stealing from you since multiple staff members will occupy the same area throughout the day. However, a point of sale system will log the exact time of each purchase, and that time can be compared with the video feed to see who was active on the system at that moment.

3. Offers Password Protection

Another way to see exactly who has been using what is by setting up safeguards. For example, employees might need to use a magnetic stripe card in order to gain access to basic functions. This will mean that every time a point of sale system is used you will be able to see exactly who used it and what they used it for.

4. Provides Accountability to Customers

It's always bad to have a thieving employee among your ranks, but one of the worst offences, at least from a business point of view, comes when someone steals from a customer. If an employee purposefully quotes a higher amount than is owed, it means they can pocket the difference. This won't take money out of your pockets, but it will alienate any customers who find out, and even those who don't may assume that you are overcharging. Luckily enough, most point of sale systems provide a large monitor that faces the customer. These are used to show the exact price of each item, with the total indicated below. Any customer who is cheated is likely to notice the discrepancy.