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I really don't enjoy shopping with my kids normally. They get really tired and crabby so easily and beg me to buy every item in the store. Then they start fighting and I lose my patience. Sometimes I just can't avoid it though, like during the school holidays when I still need to buy things. Over time, I have developed some techniques to help me deal with shopping with kids, including making sure that they have eaten a big snack before we go in, keeping the trips short and shopping online whenever I can. This blog is all about shopping with kids.

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How to Deodorise Your Teenage Daughter's Smelly Boots

If your daughter pined until you bought her some ugg boots, she may have been so excited when you finally bought her a pair that she wore them constantly. She may also have ignored all your advice on how to keep them looking good and smelling fresh. Boots like uggs keep your feet lovely and warm; however, their fleecy lining can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and bad smells. This can get really bad if the boots get wet or are constantly exposed to sweaty feet. What can you do if your teen's beloved boots now smell so bad she doesn't want to wear them?

Look For Sanitisers in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen cupboards may hold surprise deodorisers. For example, dust some baking soda in each boot, making sure that the powder covers the insoles as completely as you can. Baking soda is a natural deodoriser and, if you leave it in the boots overnight, it may just suck up the stink and leave the boots smelling clean again. Remember to shake the soda out of the boots before your daughter wears them again otherwise she'll trail the powder all over your house once she takes the boots off.

If baking soda doesn't do the trick completely, or if the boots are damp inside and you don't want to put a powder in them that might clump up, you can also use tea bags to remove sweaty smells. You need to use dry tea bags here that haven't been used to make a cuppa – throw a few in, remembering to put at least one bag in the toe area, and the bags will suck up some odours.

Raid Your Cat's Kitty Litter

If you have a cat, then the litter you use in its tray may do a job on your teen's smelly boots. Obviously, you need to be using unused litter here; you may also want to contain the litter in an old sock so that it doesn't stick to the inside of the boot. Picking loose litter out of footwear is not a fun task. Put some litter in the sock, tie up the open end and then push the sock down into the boot. Leave it there for a couple of days and the litter should get rid of the worst of the smell.

You may get good deodorising results with just one of these methods in ugg-style boots but if the smell lingers, try one of the other methods as well to see if that helps. As a preemptive measure, you can also try using deodorising insoles and change them regularly to avoid really bad smells building up again.